Getting Finance for your studies is not easy and finding a bursary or scholarship is something that could possibly drive you insane. We have put together some cool options offered by various companies and institutions, in the form of either a bursary or a scholarship. The list below illustrates how well companies/institutions have created awareness about the various options on their websites...but first things first, let’s get our terminology right:

A Bursary:
A student bursary is provided to students who have either high academics or are considered to be in need of financial assistance. Bursaries are sourced through major companies, tertiary institutions, or academic foundations. In the case of company bursaries, most companies expect the student to accept a position within the company once the student has qualified. In a sense the student would be working off the bursary. This relieves a lot of pressure from the student as there is a guarantee of a job after graduation.
A Scholarship:
Is financial assistance given to an individual based more or less of the time on outstanding performance in a specific sector (i.e. Academics, sport, cultural achievements etc.) The actual amount of the scholarship varies according to the institution or company awarding it. Further a scholarship does not need to be paid back and it doesn’t have a recruitment obligation attached to it. So basically if you can get yourself a scholarship you have really hit the jackpot!!
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