The cost of education *Image source: Copyright: KenDrysdale (Kenneth Drysdale)

The cost of education* *Image source: Copyright: KenDrysdale (Kenneth Drysdale)

Financing a career or an education is challenging. It is tough pursuing a world-class specialization and the expenses that come with it do add up.  

However there are some fantastic setups powering financial solutions for individuals. From scholars seeking achievement at school level and students in need of tuition assistance. To of course the working individual wanting to fine tune their career - in this case looking for a fellowship of sorts. has picked ten of the most promising, well organised, popular and of course stable setups that have shown through their programs they will both be creating leaders, innovators and change makers!

1.Fulbright Scholarship – a global exchange program (between the USA and over a 160 countries) that is competitively based on a merit based selection.  
2.The Rhodes Scholarship (setup by The Rhodes Trust) – it is awesome because the focus is on international post graduate students studying at Oxford University.  
3.Google: Yip not just a powerhouse of business and the online sphere but also a career provider. Check out their six scholarship and grant opportunities.  
4.Microsoft 4AFrika and UOPEOPLE: Meeting the education and financial needs of students on the African continent.  
5.The Erasmus Mundus programme – establishes a scholarship bridge for education between Europe and the rest of the planet. That is awesomely epic!
6.Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation: American based but why it has made of our top ten list is because it takes on a small number of students into the bigger picture of the business machine that is the Coca Cola Brand!  
7.The Adidas Schools Scholarship programme: A clever initiative to engage schools with sports in New Zealand.   
8.The Tiger Woods Foundation: Regionally focussed in the USA – the scholarship offers financial and tuition assistance to high school juniors and seniors.  
9.The Mandela Rhodes Scholarship:  Aimed at Post Graduate Studies at a South African recognised higher education institution, for students from all regions in Africa.  
10.The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism: - the fellowship - Furthering the quality of the planets most talented journalists through research and participation. And yes one more thing – its all conducted in the awesome setting of Oxford University!