Since the dawn of time human-beings have searched many different realms of life to finding out the secrets of life. From energy, technology, to myths and even nourishment, answers to life have been solved and expanded upon. However one such conundrum has faced many a mortal for years and still remains an unsolved mystery…how do you pay for university or tuition fees!
Student loans, financially sound guardians who can afford to pay your fees, scholarships and bursaries, seem to be the catch phrases of today’s young students and scholars. In fact the big one that is missing is getting a job! Yes the hard-working youth of the world today have struggled to grasp this concept. Kick-starting a student finance program by getting a job seems to be a lost skill.

We at put together some tips on how to get a job in order to pay for your fees!
How to find a student job:
Step 1: Get a CV put together and if you don’t have any job experience, just add the basics with your contact details and skill/personal attributes. It’s a start to taking the next step!  
Step 2: Find a place to work. It’s tricky but a phone book, the internet and newspapers can actually be used to find a place to work. At worst case walk around to various shops/stores and hand out your CV to potential employers.
Step 3: Hopefully you have done a good job in marketing yourself to get a job! Now you would need to build a financial plan to help in paying your bills which allows you to still live. It may mean no boozing on the weekends but at least you won’t be sitting with a hefty debt at the end of the day.
Basic student financial breakdown:
1. Tuition fees in total divided by the amount of months you attend university.
2. Basic monthly expenses, car/travel, rent, insurance (yes some students pay their own insurance), food and entertainment.
3. Subtract point 2 from point 1… if you are left over in the “black” then you are good, if you are left out in the “red” than you need to make more money.
How to make more money as a student:
1. Get more than one job, “sleep when you dead theory”
2. Start a student business, if you can’t get employed than become the employer, we call it the “Mr Burn’s from The Simpson’s Theory”…can you do an evil businessman’s laugh!
3. Save your money!
4. Play the stock market and invest your savings! Speak to your bank about your options on both of these.
How to save money:
1. If you don’t have something but you want it and can’t afford it…do without!
2. Live rent free at home with your parents!
3. Buy and make your own food.  
4. Petrol and having a car is too expensive get a bus ticket, buy a bicycle or walk.  
5. Stop boozing, alcohol doesn’t really add to asset development…only development in manageing a  hangover!
Four high paying student jobs:
1. Student tutor, if you know your stuff then tutor others…at a price of course!
2. Book keeping, it’s the fundamentals of basic business financials and you can make decent cash doing so!
3. Working as a Personal Assistant, it’s an entry level but decent way to get a corporate salary as a student.
4. Working as an extra on a TV show or movie set.
Three popular student Jobs:
1. Waiter and bartendering
2. Promotions, yes you get to be branded and stand around smiling
3. Working in a retail store
Working to pay your fees is a serious challenge and even more rewarding when you earn your qualification because you did on your own steam. So if you stuck with student fees don’t despair you can make it happen on your own, you just need to be committed to your goal.