In response to: I am a second year B.Com Accounting student in South Africa and need info on financial aid as well as companies to work for?
There are various methods of financial aid these range from Bursaries, Scholarships, Student Loans etc. The best method is to research the various options and contact the people offering the finance. We have a list of various bursaries and student loan options on FirstStep which you can have a look through.

Check out the National Student Financial Aid Scheme ( which offers a very cool incentives dependant on your results.
Also make sure on Bursaries and Student loans you know what your repayment options are and what are the long term effects of such agreements. Hence do you have to work for the company offering the Bursary, repayments on loan etc.
Regarding company’s to work for, if you looking to go into the accounting field, have a look at our top companies section. Accounting firms offer bursaries and do start recruiting for article clerks at an early stage.
However at the same time if you passionate about just working in a corporate environment you don’t have to streamline yourself into one field. Hence research various employment opportunities that companies offer on their websites or on employment websites like Career Junction ( or Careers 24 (