If one takes an objective look at the world these days the question of whether we, as a human race, are always at war is quite poignant. From the conflict in Iraq to the apparent split and fighting within the ANC all corporations, countries and unions of some sort seem to be at loggerheads with each other. But, it must be asked, is this always a bad thing?
If we take the world’s current situation into account there appears to be at least three different types of disputes, wars if you will, that are taking place as we speak. The first and most obvious form of conflict plaguing humanity at the moment is the brutal kind…that which involves military strikes, loss of life and the wasting of monetary resources which could be used for better battles such as fighting Aids, hunger and paying off third world debts. The conflict in Iraq is a perfect example of this type of war, as was that in Afghanistan not too long ago and that potentially in Iran.  
See what I mean about always being at war!

The second type of war is far more docile but still worrying nevertheless. Here we are talking about petty bickering between organisations, political parties and various unions. This type of conflict is still dangerous in that it has the potential to boil over and gain brutal characteristics. The apparent split in the ANC fits into this category, as does the more violent security guard strike, which has gone on for far too long already. These small-scale conflicts irritate people more than anything else but without keeping them in check have the potential to become ugly, as is the case, unfortunately, with the strike.
The third and final type of war that will be looked at here is by far the most humane but the bludgeoning of lesser-equipped countries by the giants or world powers still seems disturbing. Unfortunately South Africa is not taking part in this specific war but will be present in 2010; in fact the war will be fought on our own battlefields hopefully providing some sort of advantage to our troops. Yes, I am talking about the soccer (sorry football) world cup currently on the go in Germany - the host of many wars in recent history!
Anyway, the world cup is a perfect example of man’s natural instinct for conflict…always trying to assert dominance and prowess over other countries, regions and coloured jerseys. The funny thing here is that America is not the most dominant actor on this world stage. Instead, Europe and even some third world countries, especially Brazil and Argentina, are the most dangerous. So be warned, early extermination is imminent but at least you can play again in four years time!
Ok, so these may be rather strange classifications of conflict but it proves that we are always at ‘war’ with other countries no matter the political climate of the many participants. At least with events like the various world cups, tennis competitions and the Olympics – to name but a few – life and humanity are embraced!