FirstStep recently got to test drive the all new Toyota Prius and for five days the car produced more than just a luxury performance! We at FirstStep know that today’s youth is the future driving force of South Africa, so we believe in getting you budding yuppies informed with what’s happening with the latest car technology. Hey…you going to be driving them in the not so distant future anyway!
The Prius is extremely spacious, good looking, and environmentally friendly. It produced an awesome drive as well, which I suppose is the main thing after all. The major feature of the Prius was its electric motor, which provided an extremely quiet drive and some major fuel efficiency. Switching between its electric and petrol engines provided an experience that has forever changed my view on the future of the motor car! One can only hope that it will revolutionise the way in which cars are manufactured the world over.

The Prius also has an onboard Satellite Navigation System which in one word, ‘Rocked!’ You can request a location - by verbally requesting ‘home’ for example - or type in the physical address and the system will direct you door to door, via a voice system. What’s even more stylish is that you can track your progress on the system’s map. The touch screen features on the Satellite Navigation System also give the electronics a nice feel!
The drive ability of the car was smooth and the braking capacity was top class. In my limited time of being behind the wheel I have managed to drive a number of cars and this is certainly up there with one the best drives so far!
The future of the modern car is now being moulded into a combination of both petrol and electric powered engines. Toyota has now produced a car that not only looks good but performs a huge service to both the driver and the environment! We at FirstStep give the Toyota Prius a big thumbs up!!