Q: I am a straight ‘A’ female student and would like to study medicine at UCT or Wits (South Africa). I need information on how to finance my studies at either institution.
A: We found that the actual institutions have some really fantastic opportunities and if you have a solid academic record the institution encourages you to apply for bursaries and scholarships. At the same time you have to go and do a bit of research on your own and fight for that opportunity! After all its your future and no one else’s.

If you are still struggling after doing your research, a student loan is an option that is always available, however as your academic record is solid. You shouldn’t have a problem.
Here's what we found for you:
Firstly UCT’s website is brilliant, they have a section dedicated to various options of funding. Their Financial Aid policy is aligned with the National Student Financial Aid Scheme which is a combination of both a bursary and student loan program.
UCT funding link:
Wits University Financial Aid section which includes internal bursaries:
Contact both the Wits and UCT offices tell them exactly what your situation is. It is their job to assist you.