Q: Hi There,
First of all I would like to say that your web site is a heaven sent.  I have been searching this issue I have on the internet for weeks and I can't seem to find any information that might send me in the right direction.  I hope you guys can help.
I am a prosecutor in Mpumalanga, I have a BA Law degree.  But this is not my issue, I don't want to be in the law anymore.  The more I think about it the more I realise to study law wasn't such a cool idea in the first place.  In the mean time I have decided what I wanted to do I just don't know how to go about it.  It is totally out of my field of knowledge and I reckon that I have to start right at the bottom to do this.

I want to become a publisher.  In the end, my plan is to have my own publishing house.  I read your information about publishing but I think that I am going to need more about this subject.  I thought that what I am going to have to do to start off is to do a diploma or degree in publishing.  The problem is that I can't seem to find any information concerning these types of degrees of diplomas.  
The other problem that I have is that I can not just "up and leave" and become a student again, after all, I am married and settled here in Mpumalanga, so anything I want to do I have to do by correspondence, however, if there is no other way out I am desperate to get out of what I am doing currently, so I will probably do it.
So can you perhaps assist me in finding courses of degrees and/or diplomas in publishing and perhaps any other ideas or advice you might have concerning this?
I can't wait to hear from you.
A: My recommendation would be to stay where you are (continue earning a salary to support your family) and start studying towards your dream career via a distance-learning programme. There are many options out there, but I would recommend you start by checking out UNISA’s Bachelor of Arts (Languages and Literature) with specialization in South African Literary Studies (02283 - SAL)
South Africa has a rich heritage of literature across languages and disciplines. Graduates with specialized knowledge of the field have a wide range of career options in education, publishing, the media and the performing arts. This programme includes compulsory modules in the theory and practice of South African literary studies, and has a strong emphasis on language, with all students expected to take at least one South African language as a major.  
Career Opportunities
•     Publishing editor   
•     Literature teacher   
•     Manuscript reviewer   
•     Literary critic  
At least three years to complete 30 modules.  
Admission Requirements
Grade 12 certificate with university exemption.
Answered by Paul Thomas