Q: I matriculated in 2005. My true passion lies in nutrition, dietetics homeopathy, and in any health sciences. Unfortunately I regret so much, having left math’s and science in grade 10, do you have any information on where I could add these subjects from where I left off, and preferably full-time or with the help of a personal tutor?  I am currently studying 1st year- tourism management as this is all I was qualified to do, I feel that my future is bleak and worthless because I have a dream in life that I cannot fulfil. Please help as time and money are running out. Yours gratefully.
A: Thanks for your query. Firstly, in order to address your dilemma, you need to understand the context. What you did was to end your engagement with maths and science at the end of the General Education and Training (GET) phase. You then entered the Further Education and Training (FET) phase with subjects that did not allow you to progress in the career path that you are passionate about.  What you need to do is locate a specialist FET college that offers maths and science. Completing these courses will be the equivalent to having studied maths and science as part of your “matric package”.

In order to refer you to a specific college, I would need to know more about where you are located and how much money you have at your disposal for this type of further study. In general, the good news I can give you is that S.A. is currently experiencing a huge growth in the number and quality of FET colleges (both private and state-subsidized) so I am confident that you will be able to locate an FET college that meets your geographical and financial criteria.
Answered by Paul Thomas