The world is broken and we need to fix it - trying to solve the impossible by doing the possible The best of 2015 and what to expect in 2016 - Image Source: ShutterStock, Inc Image credit and Copyright: DGDESIGN

The best of 2015 and what to expect in 2016 - Image Source: ShutterStock, Inc Image credit and Copyright: DGDESIGN

A feature:

When John Nash, famously portrayed by Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind, died in a car crash in May 2015, there was a shiver that began to ripple around the world. A shiver that turned into a cold chill. A coldness that showed the cracks and slowly the world began to break into pieces.

The world is broken and there is no John Nash to fix it with a master equation. As a population we have a lot of work to do to fix it. So let’s get to it shall we!

With over a trillion Dollars worth of student debt in the USA plus a global youth unemployment rate of 73 million individuals (ref. International Labour Organization). Wait that's a big equation, one of the world’s largest economies is riddled with student debt and the worlds youth are struggling to be employed.

Let’s try something else.

War, the migrant crisis, presidential elections, current global leaders, the world’s economy, global warming, conservation on high alert... somehow this is beginning to read like the lyrics to a Billy Joel song!

Let’s try something that brings everyone together like sport.


Oh come on! How broken is this planet!

VW emissions scandal...

Let’s just stop there!

Solving this equation to fix a broken planet is not going to be easy. Perhaps there is a reason why NASA is so focused on Mars!

To Zoo or not to Zoo

Dammit Jurassic World you messed with our minds!

However, it was the documentary Blackfish in 2013 that sparked a big surge in the issue of animal welfare. Not just in the sea but all over the planet - stirring a debate about the safety of animals in captivity. Sadly even in protected natural environments animals are not safe, as was the case with Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe this year. With the world going through so many critical environmental issues, there seems to be almost no right or wrong answer. Arguments from zoo's saying animals are protected from poachers within their set-ups, whilst conservationists lobby for better protection within natural environments. It gets even stickier on the treatment of domesticated animals. Making individuals think twice about what they eat. And let’s not even get started on rhino poaching.

University of the year - This year we decided to break tradition. With all the drama that is running around with the cost of student fees - we decided that this year there is no university, college or institution of the year. It’s time the world starts supporting a better global education system from the bottom up. Bridging the gap between corporates, education sectors and incentivised study programs.

Career of the year - Not being president of a country! Anything that makes someone age that fast in a short amount of time is definitely not worth pursuing. Therefore, anything but being a national leader...

Top company of the year – We looked everywhere, at one stage gave up. Then the Force quite literally helped us find – Sphero – the toymaker company rocking the planet robotically. Oh one more thing they make BB-8™ Droids, enough said!

BB-8™ Droids by Sphero © & ™ Lucasfilm Ltd.

BB-8™ Droids by Sphero © & ™ Lucasfilm Ltd.

2016 -

Inhabiting Mars no matter how much Matt Damon popularises it, is not an option but 2016 should be a year where we look to create solutions in whatever it is we do or are interested in.

Solutions that can reduce and improve issues such as student debt, unemployment, poverty, hunger, famine, the environment and the global economy. And yes of course find some form of peace in war torn regions of the planet! A lot to do in a year but hey anything is possible.

Right, all said and done – let’s go solve the world's problems!

PS. Start a Business

We have been saying this for years - power to Youth Business. Start-up businesses must or will power the future of the planet’s economies!