Q: Hi I want to Study at CTI but am uncertain about areas of their accreditation. I am looking to study Information systems and just want to know that I am going to make a solid investment towards my studies.
A: Hi Kyle,

Thanks for the question! Both in South Africa and abroad there are flyby-night learning institutions that often are linked to some outlandish stories. Most of which are horror stories of students walking away with a qualification that is not even worth the piece of paper it is written on. The key is to do your research first hand. Go to the institution that you wish to study at and ask the questions you need answered. It's within both the interest of the student and the institution to have the necessary requirements to meet each others needs. So in this case it's not just CTI, it's every institution that you show some form of attention towards.

We would recommend contacting CTI and setup a time to meet with their enrolment team in trying to find out more about their programs along with their relevant accreditations. Researching a website is one step but making the human interface is another and don’t be afraid to ask them questions. It's their job to attract students and make sure they provide a good service. Also compare their course outline between all the various institutions that offer in your case "Software Engineering" and "BSc Computer Science", see what makes them different or better to the rest.
Research through the FirstStep.me website in terms of institutions to study at that, this could help you compare between course structures and institution offerings.
Good question and glad you are being proactive!
Reply From Kyle:
Hi there
I saw the student advisor from CTI. I now feel alot better after visiting
the college. I also got the web links which give the NQF levels and
registration of CTI and their courses. I hope this is reliable information
and that it does actually mean something and isn't useless information.
Clicking on the below links take you to the search pages:
British Accreditation Council
Choose CTI Education Group in the Originating