Student funding: Research – Calculate – Plan

Student funding: Research – Calculate – Plan
Q: Hi there, I have been provisionally accepted by Stellenbosch University to study Medicine. Are there any scholarships or bursaries to assist me in this study option?
A: As with most universities, a student finance office is at hand and there is no difference with Stellenbosch University. In terms of any university, college or study institution it is always best to directly contact them, to find out what funding options and plans they can assist you with. Usually institutions will have recommended student funding options which applies best to their setup.

Generally your student funding options range from a scholarship, bursary, student loan, crowd funding to self or private funding. You can try each option or mix it up in combinations. The self or private funding route can be via your family, self or a support structure. You can also approach this option by getting a full or part time employment to pay for your studies.
The key would be to get a detailed cost breakdown of what are the expenses involved with studying at the institution. Which in this case is provided by the Stellenbosch University student site. With this you can plan accordingly and know exactly what you need to pay for.  
Further contact both the finance department and the faculty handling studies towards medicine as they should be able to guide you accordingly.
Check out the following:
Stellenbosch University Website.
Stellenbosch University Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.
Stellenbosch University Division for Student Fees.  
Stellenbosch University Student Website called Maties.
Stellenbosch University Study Fees breakdown which also includes an option to have a detailed breakdown of costs involved with studying at their institution.
A breakdown of Bursaries related to studying at Stellenbosch University.
Good luck with your studies - The team!